Circus Redickuless

88 minutes, 16 mm, Color, English Language

Brief Synopsis:

Everything you’ve never wanted in a circus and much, much less. Ever thought about running away to join the circus? Well, think again. You might end up on the road with the talent-free all-punk misery-magnet known as the Circus Redickuless. Deformed brainchild of punk impresario Chicken John, the Circus Redickuless showcases a rag-tag team of users, losers, and abusers who constantly complain, fight over drugs, and shirk all hygienic responsibilities. Circus Redickuless takes you places The Real World never could as the circus travels a trail of grease-painted tears. See the sorrowful sideshow play to an audience of five lonely kids at a youth rehab center. Marvel as a diseased, cheek-pierced clown wears underpants over her head to hide a severe inflammation. Watch in wonder and dismay as gig after gig is canceled, forcing the pathetic circus to play at a trash dump and paint stripes in a parking lot for food. In the grand tradition of circus life (grifters, scammers, and desperate living), Circus Redickuless lives up to its name.


"Circus Redickuless is a straight up gem" – Village Voice

"Most Rewarding…makes the Pistol’s U.S. tour look as efficient as the Wehrmacht’s annexation of Poland." – Los Angeles Weekly

"It’s a must-see… a biting, hilarious slice of utter chaos" - Dallas Morning News

"Funny from its first frame…a deceptively clever piece of work" - Austin American-Statesman

5,000 word feature in Spin Magazine – March 1999

Kissin’ cousin to such mockumentaries as This is Spinal Tap and Waiting for Guffman, with one crucial distinction: It’s all true!" - Austin Chronicle

"A real pleasure, it’s fast moving and really, really funny" - Lumpen Magazine

Other positive reviews (available on request) in: Houston Star-Telegram, Indiewire (3x), Addicted to Noise, IFC Daily News, Plunge Magazine, International Documentary Association, Orange County Weekly, East Bay Express, The Houston Press


Best Film - New York Underground Film Festival

IDA Selection for DOCtober Festival (7 day Oscar qualifying run)

Honorable Mention - Nashville Independent Film Festival


Chicken John - Ringleader of the circus. Former member of G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies

Chuckles the Klown - the nicest klown who ever tried to kill herself.

Danny Girl - Chicken John's girlfriend

Bomber - Lead singer of "The Other" - touring is not the way to kick addiction

Justine Atwood - it was either this or the parking lot job

Hopeless - a true freak, medication is helping

Others: Mark Miller, Eric Orser, Wal Lee, Michael Gump, Debbie Horn , Bosco Boz, Tall Paul

Contact: Phillip Glau - 323/668-1776