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I recently finished working as the Series Producer on "Nick Paine’s Exotic Kitchen," a prime-time series to begin airing Winter 2000 on the Travel Channel. In this capacity I supervised all activities related to writing, editing, and producing the series for delivery. The show is a travel/cooking show featuring a failed heavy metal guitarist who gave up rock & roll and moved to the San Fernando Valley before having an epiphany. Now, he travels the world on a quest to preserve the ancient and disappearing recipes of ingenious cultures. Think "Homer Simpson" as a culinary archeologist in a cross between Mondo Cane and Land Without Bread.

I landed that producing gig after having done the lighting on the narrative feature Treasure Island directed by Scott King. A psychosexual period piece based on the lives of two World War II intelligence officers, it won the "Distinctive Vision Award" at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival.

I had met Scott King on the festival circuit when I was taking around my feature film, Circus Redickuless which I directed and produced. Following an ill-fated circus tour, the film showcased a rag-tag team of users, losers, and abusers who constantly complained, fought over drugs, and shirked all hygienic responsibilities. It was everything you’d never want in a circus and much, much less. The Village Voice referred to it as "a straight up gem," the Dallas Morning News as "a must see…a biting, hilarious slice of utter chaos" and the LA Weekly found it "most rewarding." It will screen mid-March at the Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles.

Its last festival screening was in the International Documentary Association’s DOCtober Film Festival held annually to qualify seven films for Academy Awards. Selected from over 400 entries, DOCtober highlighted those films the IDA felt had a good chance of being nominated for an Academy Award. Prior to the DOCtober, I had taken Circus Redickuless to many other festivals including South by Southwest, the New York Underground Film Festival (winner - best documentary feature), and the Nashville Independent Film Festival (honorable mention).

Prior to completing Circus Redickuless, I had been working for several years in Hollywood doing on-set lighting.

I grew up in a tiny (population 400) farming community in the Salinas Valley and ran a small agricultural business during high school which paid for my college education. After graduating at the top of my class from the University of Southern California Entrepreneur Program, I started to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Eventually landing in feature development at Disney, I worked inside the studio system for a couple of years. Realizing that I could make better films faster by working outside the system, I then moved into independent film production. Since that time, I have worked in and learned about all aspects of film production.


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