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Filmo & Trollop Klown
Filmo & Sneery Eat
Trollop the Klown
Will Clown for Food
Filmo & Trollop with Cow Eyeball
Meal Time at the Circus

Circus Redickuless Publicity Elements

Click on a thumbnail to download the full resolution photo. The full resolution photos were scanned directly from the 35mm negative. Please note that for WEB display purposes, the thumbnails are modified to reflect a 2.2 screen gamma. If your monitor is set to 1.8, they will appear slightly washed out. The negative scans they are linked to are unmodified to allow your art department the ability to modify them as needed. Photographer "Doug Blush". All photos © 1998-2000 Phillip Glau.

Trollop the Klown
Chuckles the Clown
Chuckles the Klown
Sneery the Klown
Sneery the Klown
Stinky the Clown
Stinky Drinks

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Will Clown for Food
Circus Redickuless Poster
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Circus Redickuless VHS

Circus Ridiculous

Klown, Clowns

Punk Rock Circus

Chicken John

This page contains information on the documentary film call Circus Redickuless or Circus Ridiculous. Also known as circus redickuless or circus ridiculous. It is also a link to the video cassette of the same name and is the winner of the New York Underground Film Festival award for best documentary. The film stars Chicken John and Dammit the amazing wonder dog. It is about the original punk rock circus that toured the country from 1995 to 1999. Phillip Glau is a member of the cacophony society of Los Angeles, where he met Chicken in 1994. The film was also featured in the DOCtober film festival and has screened at the Sunset Five
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